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8 Steps to detangle the hair of the Wig - Toupee - Hair System

May 12, 2022

8 Βήματα για να ξεμπλέξετε τα μαλλιά της Περούκας – Τουπέ - Συστήματος Μαλλιών

As you will have noticed, the hair of Hair Systems and wigs, without proper care, starts to tangle with each other over time. This not only leads to a less natural result, but can also gradually compromise the hair system or wig itself, causing plucking and reduced lifespan.

So is there anything we could do to properly detangle hair every time?
At MACO, we will be more than happy to share the answer to this question with you and help you! Below you will see the exact steps to follow to take better care of your hair and detangle it without plucking.
Step 1. Take a comb and comb the hair from the ends to the root. Start at the ends, continue towards the middle and reach the root.
Step 2. Apply the Activ Hair Repair Mask evenly throughout the hair system or wig and leave it on for about 10-20 minutes.
Step 3. Take a basin, fill it with warm water (30-40℃), pour some MACO daily Shampoo into the water and mix by hand until it foams. Then soak the Hair System or wig in water with the back of the base (membrane/net) facing up for 5-10 minutes
Step 4. Lift the System or Wig and gently comb the ends of the hair. Do not lift the fingers towards the roots of the hair but stay at the ends. Then prepare another basin of water to rinse.
Step 5. Reapply some of the Activ Hair Repair and GENTLY comb the hair in the same way so that the mask is well spread throughout. Soak the System or wig in water for 10 minutes with the base always facing up and the hair down. Rinse off the mask. (you don't need to rinse too much, just enough so that hair doesn't slip and doesn't stick.).
Step 6. Wrap the hair in a towel to absorb the moisture and comb very carefully from the ends to the roots.
Step 7. Work Activ Two-In-One evenly through your hair, grasping the ends, and let it dry naturally.
Finally, Apply the Activ Two-In-One again to the hair and start styling it the way you want.
The steps above show you how to properly detangle a tangled hair system or human hair wig. This way you will increase the life of the additive and your hair will always look shiny and healthy.
As a leading Hair Systems and Wigs company with extensive experience, MACO provides a huge range of high quality synthetic hair products for men and women. Thousands of customers speak to us in the best words about the quality of our products, the naturalness of the results, the type of hair we place, the lifespan and also the comfort.
All the hair used to produce our hair systems and wigs is very carefully processed and makes the hair very resistant to flaking and tangling. MACO Hair Systems and wigs are available at attractive prices and are produced only when the customer places their order. We don't keep a large stock, not because we don't want to but because in this way the quality of the hair drops a lot, which begins to deteriorate not from the day we wear the add-on but from the day it was cut by the donor.
For any question about hair systems or wigs, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling us at 2103001990 in Athens, 2311111990 in Thessaloniki or 2831600990 in Crete, we will be happy to serve you!