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Why do MACO Systems look so natural?

Feb 02, 2021

Γιατί τα Συστήματα της MACO φαίνονται τόσο φυσικά;

Written by: Theodosia Maravelia

At MACO in order to create a highly natural aesthetic effect on the appearance of our customers, we STRICTLY select a very specific type of high quality film, which we create exclusively. This material forms the basis of our Systems.

The hair appears to be coming from the head & not from a foreign body...

When this base is ready, then the special production staff starts to place the hairs in the System. These bristles are not applied to the base by some mass-produced machine but are placed on it, one by one, by hand.

So at this stage, the hair is simply passed from one side of the base to the other and wedged with a special technique without tying a knot, as in wigs or wigs.

In this way, if you apply a MACO Hair System, you will see that the impression is given that the hair comes from our head and not from a foreign body.

Get over all your doubts and go ahead!