No one will know you are wearing a Wig!

MACOhair® Medical Invisible Wigs are specially designed for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

All of our wigs look incredibly natural and no one will know you're wearing them.

Each wig we make is a unique creation, designed with love and skill, offering you the opportunity to restore confidence and feel like yourself again.

100% Natural Frontline

Guaranteed Result in 2 hours

Of course like your own hair

Faithful Copy of your Hair in a Wig

If you've been diagnosed with cancer and are about to undergo chemotherapy , you'll certainly have a lot of questions about what to expect, and no doubt one of your biggest concerns will be whether you'll lose your hair . The likelihood of this happening depends on the medication regimen you follow.

You may have heard that not everyone who undergoes chemotherapy loses their hair . But in reality, a very large percentage lose them, and although some people cope with hair loss with great ease, it is not unusual for many to feel deeply saddened or anxious .

At the MACOhair Wig Institute , due to the nature of our work, to manufacture Invisible and Natural Medical Wigs tailored to each woman, we have met thousands of women undergoing chemotherapy and most of them have confided in us that losing their hair was the biggest challenge they had to face from the beginning to the end of their treatment. Even bigger than cancer itself.


The good news is that wig manufacturing techniques have evolved a lot in recent years and at MACOhair we managed for the first time in Greece , to manufacture 100% Natural Medical Wigs for Oncology Patients whose hair seems to come from the head and not from a foreign body , with the goal of helping women cope with chemotherapy-related hair loss.

At MACOhair, we don't just provide Wigs, we restore the natural look of the hair you had before you lost it. Our goal is to create wigs that reflect the exact length, color and style of your real hair so that no one can tell the difference.

What are Invisible Medical Wigs?

MACOhair's Invisible Medical Wigs are a new category of High Quality Wigs, which are made of a very thin and completely Invisible Net. 100% natural hairs are tied one by one by hand in this net.

What do those who tried our Wigs say?

I trusted my daughter in your hands, she put a smile back on her lips after the difficulties we went through with her health. You are above all people and then a company. I wish you only share joys and change people's lives as you have changed ours. WORTHFUL. Vicky

I'm touched. Awesome result. I had hair but I had to go through chemotherapy and I lost it. At MACO they made me exactly the hair I had before. My wig is firm and very natural looking. Thanks for everything. Nicoletta

I was very satisfied with the result of the wig! So natural and the color and texture of the hair! I used to get pre-made wigs but I found that fitting them right on the head makes a huge difference! Miss

Impressive Results!

Some of the countless looks with MACOhair® wigs

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The most frequently asked questions

Why do I lose my hair during Chemotherapy?

During chemotherapy, the body is exposed to powerful chemical drugs designed to fight and eliminate cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also affect the body's healthy cells, including hair cells. This results in hair loss during treatment.

It is important to emphasize that hair loss during chemotherapy is temporary, and hair usually grows back after treatment is completed. During this period, many patients choose, instead of a Simple Wig, solutions such as Invisible Medical Wigs, which aim to keep their appearance unchanged and increase their confidence during treatment.

What are the Consequences of Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy?

In addition to the change in appearance, hair loss can have psychological consequences, such as increased anxiety. Patients may feel vulnerable and often have problems in their social life.

In addition, hair loss can affect the patient's sense of well-being. Hair is often a symbol of health and femininity, and losing it can cause emotional turmoil.

However, it is important to mention that hair loss is temporary and reversible. After chemotherapy is completed, hair usually grows back. In addition, MACOhair Invisible Wigs can help patients maintain their appearance exactly the same and greatly increase their confidence during treatment.

We are here to provide support to women facing cancer.

Am I entitled to Compensation from EOPYY?

The answer is NO. The National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (EOPPY) compensates you with 75% of the purchase price of the Wig up to the upper limit of 189.75 euros. This means that if you buy a wig with a price of 500 euros, although 75% corresponds to the amount of 375 euros, you will be compensated with the higher amount which is 189.75 euros. You are entitled to compensation every 2 years.

ATTENTION: The prescription date of the wig must be earlier than the wig's proof of purchase date and the paperwork must be submitted within one month of the prescription date, otherwise you cannot receive the reimbursement.

The MACOhair Specialists, if you choose to buy one of the MACOhair Wigs, will help you with the claim for compensation to the EOPYY.

Are Invisible Wigs safe for my health?

The answer is NO. Both MACOhair Wigs and the materials used for their application and maintenance are completely harmless.

The skin breathes
The hair underneath (if any) continues to grow normally
There is no risk of irritation or infection
There is no itching
The head does not get hotter than normal

All wig care products are imported after approval by the National Medicines Agency.

What is the Density of Invisible Wigs?

The density of MACOhair Invisible Wigs is fully customizable, always depending on your needs. At our appointment we will help you choose the right density for your wig. Density is one of the most basic factors for a natural result and is very carefully considered by our experts.

What colors are the Invisible Wigs available in?

The color of the wig is also an important factor for the success of the perfect result. At MACOhair we can make your wig in any color you want. We can also do roots, Balayage and even highlights (Highlights / lowlights) that will elevate your style and make your wig look like your own hair.

Can I maintain my Wig myself?

Yes of course. This of course takes a little practice at first. But with the training you'll receive from MACOhair ® staff, detailed instructional videos and ongoing phone or camera support, we'll show you everything you need to know about how to properly care for your Wig. Just give yourself some time in the beginning and in case you don't succeed at the first moment, you can always, until you learn the steps correctly, do the Wig Maintenance at MACOhair®.

Do I have any restrictions with the Wig?

None, but you should take proper care of your Wig. In other words, be careful when placing or removing it and moisturize your hair daily.

What is the shelf life of the Wig?

The durability of Wigs cannot be determined so simply, as it depends on various factors, such as the lifestyle you lead, but also the degree of compliance with daily care and regular maintenance.

In general, the lifespan increases as you become more experienced in using the Wig properly. At MACOhair we'll show you everything you need to know from the very first day of application so you get the longest possible times.

If you follow these tips, you can count on up to 1-2 years of life per Wig. Of course, some experienced customers achieve a lifespan of more than 2 years with our Wigs, but for that you will need to gain enough experience.

As a beginner, you should expect your Wig to last about 1 year, not excluding that you may have longer times.

Of course, external weather conditions also play an important role in the lifespan of Wigs. Wigs wear out more in the summer from sunlight or swimming in the sea than in the winter. Of course, with MACOhair's special care products you can protect your wig all year round.

Time from First Appointment to Wig Fitting?

Usually your wig is ready within 3-10 days from the day of order. To determine the exact delivery time we should take a measurement of the head and discuss the desired color together. If your head size is average then your wig may take less days to prepare.

The volume of work we have also plays a very important role in the delivery time. As we make the wigs ourselves and do not buy them ready-made, delivery times increase according to demand. In any case, we will do everything to get your wig as soon as possible, without making any discount on the quality and the final result.

Where does hair come from?

The hair comes exclusively from 100% natural hair of the highest quality and from only one hair donor per Wig. These hairs before being placed in the Wig go through various stages of preparation and many quality checks and only healthy hair is chosen to be used. At MACOhair we guarantee consistent and excellent hair quality, which is usually even better than your original hair.

Which are suitable for MACOhair Wigs?

The main audience we address are women who will lose their hair due to chemotherapy, women who have been diagnosed with alopecia and those who simply want to make a change in their appearance. The bad news is that there is currently no cure for hair loss. The good news is that we have the solution for you to live a life of abundant hair without compromise and limitations, despite hair loss.

The great advantage of MACOhair Invisible Wigs is the naturalness that our wigs offer. You will really be surprised at the new quality of life that the feeling of a rich and stylish wool gives you in your everyday life.

Can I sleep with the Invisible Wig on?

The answer is yes but not on a regular basis. If you sleep with your wig on, the hair will rub against the pillow or covers and become tangled, requiring a lot of combing to untangle, and vigorous combing shortens the life of your wig.

In case you still want or need to sleep with your wig on, choose to use a satin pillow case and have your hair tied up.

The Advantages of MACOhair® Invisible Wigs

50% of our customers have purchased commercial wigs and were not pictured

MACOhair® Invisible Wigs

Plain Wigs of the Trade

It doesn't look like you're wearing a Wig

Looks like you're wearing a Wig

100% Natural Frontline with sprouts

Unnatural Frontline without sprouts

Create a hair-raising Favorite

The hair cannot be tied up, because there are no sideburns

Hair seems to come out of the Head

The hair looks like it's coming out of a foreign body

The net takes on the color of your own skin

The mesh is brown and darker or lighter than your skin

Infinite color options with highlights, balayage, as if you went to the hairdresser

Ready-made, mainly monochrome colors from a limited range

100% Natural Hair of Excellent Quality from a single Donor

Synthetic or Natural hair from more than one donor

Celebrities who trusted our Wigs!

Despina Vandi wears MACOhair® Invisible Wigs in many appearances to change her look in the safest way. Below you will see some of the looks created by our personal Hair Stylist and MACOhair® Partner, Konstantinos Papadopoulos with our Wigs!

Kaiti Constantinou put her trust in MACO and chose a perfect wig for her new show, so she wouldn't suffer her own hair. The wig perfectly matches her hair color and highlights her natural beauty.

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