Artemis: Μακρύ Σπασό Ξανθό με Μπαλαγιάζ MACO HAIR SYSTEMS
Artemis: Μακρύ Σπασό Ξανθό με Μπαλαγιάζ MACO HAIR SYSTEMS

Artemis: Long Blonde Wig - Split with Balayage

The 'Artemis' wig is the epitome of elegance, with 50cm of blonde hair in a body wave style, enhanced with brown balayage for added dimension and depth. The thin HD LACE base ensures a natural look, while the 100% natural hair and white knots offer an increase in quality and aesthetics.

Size: Extra Small 52-53.5
Extra Small 52-53.5
Small 54-55.5 cm.
Medium 56-57.5 cm.
Large 58-60 cm.
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The "Artemis" Invisible Wig is a wonderful combination of modern aesthetics and natural beauty, with impressive body wave natural hair 50 cm long. The body wave lends an aura of elegance and femininity, making "Artemis" perfect for every moment, from your everyday looks to your glitziest night out.

The "Artemis" color is a sophisticated blend of blonde and brown balayage, creating a unique and multi-dimensional effect. The brown balayage gives depth and naturalness, while the blonde highlights illuminate the face and give it a youthful glow.

Additional Features:

LACE type : "Artemis" uses HD LACE, offering an invisible and natural effect.

Hair Type : 100% natural hair from a single donor, ensuring the superior quality and durability of the wig.

Knots : Transparent knots offer even more naturalness and an aura of authenticity.

    Length: 50 cm.
    Density: 180%
    Hair Style: Light Wavy
    Hair Type: 100% Natural Hair from a donor
    Color: Blonde with Balayage
    LACE Type: Invisible
    Rubber: Yes
    Combs: Yes (removable)
    Hairline: With sprouts for a very natural front line
    Knots: Invisible for greater naturalness
    Delivery: 5-10 days
    Wig Size:

    Extra Small: 52 - 53.5 cm.
    Small: 53.5 - 54.5 cm.
    Medium: 56 - 57 cm.
    Large: 58.5 - 59.5 cm.