Lydia: Καστανη Wet Σκούρη Αόρατη Περούκα MACO HAIR SYSTEMS
Lydia: Καστανη Wet Σκούρη Αόρατη Περούκα MACO HAIR SYSTEMS

Lydia: Brown Wet Dark Invisible Wig

Lydia is a luxurious brown invisible wet effect wig with a 50cm back length. The straight wool with a slight break and the HD LACE technology offer a natural and extremely elegant result.

Size: Small
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The Lydia Invisible Wig represents the ultimate in luxury and sophisticated aesthetics. With a length of 50cm and a neat swept back look, this piece gives off a super sleek and professional style. The straight wool is reinforced with a slight break, adding a distinctive feature that enhances the original "wet" effect. The dark brown coloring adds a touch of naturalness and depth, making Lydia perfect for any occasion and skin tone. Equipped with HD LACE technology for a completely natural look and invisible knots, Lydia is the answer for those looking for quality, style and versatility.

Ideal for women with hair loss problems due to the comfort it offers, especially if you have sensitive hair. This category also appeals to those looking for a luxurious solution for aesthetic reasons as well as those who need a medical wig. MACOhair's luxury range of wigs is the perfect choice for those who desire the ultimate in comfort, naturalness and luxury.

Additional Features:

Color: The excellent pigmentation of the brown color offers a special depth, while it goes well with every skin tone.

LACE type: High quality HD LACE offers absolute naturalness, giving the impression that the hair is coming directly from the skin.

Hair Type: We use 100% natural hair from a donor, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

Knots: The technology of invisible knots enhances the naturalness, making the wig practically invisible.

    Length: 50 cm.
    Density: 180%
    Hair Style: Straight WET
    Hair Type: 100% Natural Hair from a donor
    Color: Dark Brown
    LACE Type: Invisible
    Rubber: Yes
    Combs: Yes (removable)
    Hairline: With sprouts for a very natural front line
    Knots: Invisible for greater naturalness
    Delivery: 5-10 days
    Wig Size:

    Extra Small: 52 - 53.5 cm.
    Small: 53.5 - 54.5 cm.
    Medium: 56 - 57 cm.
    Large: 58.5 - 59.5 cm.