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How does a MACO Hair System feel after Application?

Feb 03, 2020

Ποια η αίσθηση ενός Συστήματος Μαλλιών MACO μετά την Εφαρμογή;

After applying a MACO Hair System, the result will be very natural and no one will think that it is not your own hair. But how will your head feel after applying a MACO System?

The truth is that for someone who, for example, has been bald for the last 15 years, the sensation after the first application will be somewhat different. But this is not negative. The only thing anyone new to MACO Hair Systems will feel is... that they just have hair. Nothing else!

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The base of the MACO Systems is so thin that even if you put your hand between your hair, you will feel like you are holding your head normally.

With a MACO Hair System :

  1. you will not feel your head hot
  2. you won't feel like you're wearing anything like a hat
  3. your head will be protected from the sun's radiation, as is the case with every human being
  4. the sensation during bathing will be the same as before application
  5. you will not feel any discomfort during sleep
  6. in the first 2 weeks you will think that everyone is looking at your hair and that the System can leave your head (Illusion)

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Hair Systems are the best solution to the problem of thinning hair. Try it and you won't regret it in any case.

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