Hair loss

Hair Loss Treatments: Do They Give a Substantial Solution?

Jun 28, 2019

Θεραπείες Τριχόπτωσης: Δίνουν Ουσιαστική Λύση;

Hair loss concerns more and more men of all ages every year. Its appearance, regardless of the reason, always has a very bad effect on people's psychology. Do countermeasures deliver the solution they promise?

According to , new treatments against hair loss are constantly being announced, which produce short and satisfactory results. In the list of available treatments, one can find lotions and products containing monoxidil. The specific ingredient acts as an ally of the hair, developing hair growth on the head.

The issue, however, is how intense the resulting hair growth is and how long the results will be visible. Unfortunately, hair loss affects the psychology of men to a great extent, since abundant and strong hair has always been an element of beauty for the male sex.

There are not a few cases of people who not only refuse to come to terms with hair loss, but also look for an immediate solution. The treatments offered on the market may be a solution, but unfortunately, they do not guarantee any results.

MACO, after studying the rates of failed treatments and the fact that many people are looking for an immediate solution to the problem of hair loss, innovated in Greece, proposing hair replacement systems.

The technique of the MACO systems , combined with the products found in the eshop, offers an immediate solution to hair loss, with an incredibly natural result and easy application .

You too can live the MACO experience by purchasing a hair replacement system or by contacting us.