MACO Ultra Care Spray- Μαλακτική για Περούκες- Τουπέ- Συστήματα Μαλλιών MACO HAIR SYSTEMS

MACO Ultra Care Spray- Conditioner for Wigs- Toupees- Hair Systems

SIZE: 200 ml
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MACO Ultra Care Spray helps de-tangle System or Wig Hair while providing light daily 2-phase care. Spray, comb, you're done. This is a truly magical product with a wonderful scent.

MACO Ultra Care Spray detangles tangled hair in no time. Anyone who has used this product knows exactly why the spray is so loved by those who use additives. No more plucking hair in the brush while combing.

MACO Ultra Care Spray not only detangles the hair, but also works as a conditioner that moisturizes the hair and does not let it dry out. Thus the hair becomes soft and looks more shiny. In addition, the conditioner it contains revitalizes the hair and repairs hair damage. This spray sits on the hair and creates a kind of protective film, which protects the hair from the oxidation of the atmosphere.

Spray the product daily along the length of the hair but not near the roots and base. Shake the bottle well before use. No need to rinse.