TOPPIK: Ίνες Πύκνωσης Μαλλιών- 27,5 γρ. MACO HAIR SYSTEMS

TOPPIK: Hair Thickening Fibers - 27.5 gr.

Hair thickening in 1 minute
Hair always Thick
It stays on the hair all day
Super easy to use
The 27.5 gr. They last 2-3 months

Select Color: BLACK
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Toppik is a highly effective thickening fiber product that creates a natural and rich effect on the hair. This innovative product allows you to enhance the density and volume of your hair in just a few minutes.

The 27.5 gram packaging is quite ergonomic and lasts for a long time. Toppik is supplied in a variety of shades so that it is possible to choose the exact color that suits your hair, achieving a result that does not stand out from your natural appearance.

Toppik's thickening fibers are made from natural keratin fibers and stay safely in your hair for several hours. These fibers blend in with your existing hair and give a natural look, covering gaps or thinning areas.

Applying Toppik is extremely easy. Simply open the lid of the container, holding it vertically over your hair, and spread the fibers over the areas you wish to cover. The fibers will immediately integrate into your hair, creating a natural effect.

Regardless of hair type, Toppik is the ideal solution for every man and woman who wants to add density and volume to their hair. It is a highly effective and easy-to-use product that will help you feel more confident and look good every day.