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Insecurity: A bad advisor just before applying the hair system

Jun 28, 2019

Ανασφάλεια: Ένας κακός σύμβουλος λίγο πριν την εφαρμογή του συστήματος μαλλιών

Hair replacement systems may be the only option for many men who suffer from hair loss, but the insecurity of the result usually puts them off just before the application.

Many of our clients, who often describe to us their feelings before the placement of the first hair system, emphasize that they were suffocated by a characteristic insecurity about the next day. Even for someone who is in a rush to wear a hair system, the thought of changing their appearance puts them on second thoughts.

As the appointment for placement approaches, many feel overwhelmed by fear. "What if the result is not 100% what I want? What if it looks fake? What if friends and acquaintances find out?".

In fact, even those who before the installation of the system appear to be much more "prepared", when that time finally comes, often feel that they are not so ready. And it is a fact, because no one will ever be ready for such a big change.

At MACO we are by your side from the first appointment, because we know how these feelings are fleeting and once the fitting is done there is no greater satisfaction for us than to see you overjoyed with your new change.

For this reason, you can contact us if you need a good advice and we can discuss what concerns you.

Nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to an easy and safe solution for a problem that concerns us, for a problem, such as baldness, that creates an "issue" with our appearance, for a problem that bothers us when we see it every day in the mirror. And that solution is MACO's hair replacement systems.