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The styling you can do in the hair replacement system

Jun 28, 2019

Τα styling που μπορείτε να κάνετε στο σύστημα αντικατάστασης μαλλιών

Hair systems , not only can be styled, but with the use of the right products can give incredible results.

The truth is that when someone is facing a hair loss problem, it is almost unthinkable to change their look. So, it's only natural that once you've applied a hair system, you want to style it.

How to style a hair system

When wearing a hair system, you can choose from several hairstyles. It goes without saying that styling with long hair is more impressive, but a "conventional" styling with side parted hair is also one of the favorite choices of men who have applied the system.

What you should pay attention to in the styling you will do, is not to "promote" particularly the point where you become the "union" of the hair system with your natural hair on the side. In other words, it is better that the hairs from the hair system are "lost" in your natural hairs, i.e. tangled together so that they give a uniform image.

After all, all our attention should be given to the hairline above the forehead, which is the most exposed part of the face and constantly so.

In case you need help, do not hesitate to contact the hair specialists of MACO, who will guide you in detail and, if necessary, make a video call, so that you are sure of the result and do not lose your confidence for a moment .