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Video: What activities can I do with a MACO Hair System?

Feb 12, 2020

Video: Ποιες δραστηριότητες μπορώ να κάνω με ένα Σύστημα Μαλλιών MACO

After applying a MACO Hair System, the only thing that will change in your life is your image and nothing else.

You can continue to do any activity normally , without fear of the System leaving or being damaged.

With MACO Hair Systems you can:

  1. bathe without fear
  2. wear a helmet without fear
  3. drive a motorcycle, motorbike or convertible car without fear
  4. swim without fear
  5. run fearlessly
  6. exercise without fear
  7. sleep soundly
  8. travel fearlessly
  9. caress or have your hair caressed without fear
  10. blow dry your hair without fear

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