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Are Hair Systems Dangerous to Health?

Feb 10, 2020

Είναι τα Συστήματα Μαλλιών Επικίνδυνα για την Υγεία;

One of the things that one wonders when talking about the Hair Systems method is whether the scalp will be affected by using the products

The answer is NO. Both the MACO Hair Systems and the materials used for their application and maintenance are absolutely harmless.

  1. The skin breathes
  2. Hair that has been shaved continues to grow normally
  3. There is no risk of irritation or infection
  4. There is no itching
  5. The head does not get hotter than normal
  6. The products are hypoallergenic and certified

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Nevertheless, as for us the health of our customers comes first, ALWAYS before the first application, an allergy test is done on MACO products .

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