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MACOhair® Invisible Hair Toppers offer coverage and volume to every woman's hair, eliminating thinning spots.

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The most frequently asked questions

For which women are they suitable?

Hair Toppers are suitable for both women who have thinning hair in certain areas and those who just have thin hair. They are ideal for adding volume, density and length to their hair. MACOhair Hair Toppers are easy to use as they can be placed on top of natural hair and fixed with special fixing systems.

How Much Hair Do I Need to Wear a Hair Topper?

To wear a MACOhair Hair Topper, you need to have sufficient density in your existing hair so that the Hair Topper can be placed and blend naturally with it.

The amount of hair required depends on the size and type of Hair Topper you want to use.

Book a free estimate from a MACOhair Specialist, who will assess the condition of your hair and recommend the right Hair Topper for your needs.

Will it look Fake?

A common myth surrounding Hair Toppers is that they look fake. We're here to tell you that's no longer the case! MACOhair's Invisible Hair Toppers are so sophisticated they look completely natural, fooling even the most observant eye.

Will I Damage My Hair?

Many women wonder if Hair Toppers can worsen hair loss and we are here to assure you that there are ways to prevent this from happening!

At MACOhair we will choose a Hair Topper exactly to your needs and place the clips in the places we will choose after analyzing your hair. You will also receive all the advice from our experts so that no damage is caused to your own hair.

How much does an Invisible Hair Topper cost?

MACOhair's Invisible Hair Toppers made from 100% natural high quality hair offer absolute naturalness and flexibility in styling, but cost more than synthetic Hair Toppers. Prices range from 300 euros to 2000 euros. This is due to the following reasons:

Availability: Natural hair is limited in the market compared to synthetic, and longer hair is harder to source and therefore costs more.

Labor: Processing human hair takes more time and labor than synthetics, increasing costs.

Durability: Human hair lasts longer than synthetics, maintaining its natural look for about two years, instead of the 3-6 months that synthetics last.

Styling options: Human hair offers endless styling options, with blow dryers, scissors, etc. giving you the freedom to create any hairstyle you desire.

In summary, the higher price of human hair toppers reflects the high quality and naturalness they offer, and this investment is worth every penny.

Can I wear a Hair Topper all day?

Of course, you can wear a Hair Topper all day long. MACOhair Hair Toppers are designed to be comfortable and natural to use. With the right placement and the right care that we will show you, you can wear your Invisible Hair Topper every day without any problems.

What is the shelf life of a Hair Topper

The durability of Invisible Hair Toppers cannot be determined so simply, as it depends on various factors, such as the lifestyle you lead, but also the degree of compliance with daily care and regular maintenance.

In general, the lifespan increases as you become more experienced in using the Hair Topper correctly. At MACOhair we'll show you everything you need to know from the very first day of application so you get the longest possible times.

If you follow these tips, you can count on up to 2 years of life per Hair Topper. Some experienced customers of course also achieve a lifespan of more than 2 years, but for that you will have to gain enough experience.

Of course, the external weather conditions also play an important role in the lifespan of the Invisible Hair Topper. Topper's Hair wears out more in the summer from sunlight or swimming in the sea than in the winter. Of course, with MACOhair's special care products you can protect them all year round.

Where does hair come from?

The hair comes exclusively from 100% natural hair of the highest quality and from only one hair donor per Hair Topper. These hairs before being placed in the Hair Topper go through various stages of preparation and many quality checks and only healthy hair is chosen to be used. At MACOhair we guarantee consistent and excellent hair quality, which is usually even better than your original hair.

In 4 simple steps Invisible Hair Topper

This is the procedure for applying MACOhair® Invisible Hair Topper

First Update

Book a Free Appointment for a First Information and Assessment. There, we will discuss your own need in order to explore the appropriate solution.

Live or Online Dating

Our stylists will discuss with you the color, type and styling of the Hair Topper. You place the order and in a few days your Invisible Topper will be ready.

Applying the Hair Topper

The application at our premises takes 1-2 hours and you leave ready with the desired haircut and styling. For customers who cannot come to our premises, the Hair Topper is sent by courier and its application is done by you with our guidance via phone or camera.

Grooming Update

Are you ready! Thanks to detailed information, video tutorials and constant communication by phone or camera, you are not alone. We are by your side with continuous support and advice!

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Counseling at our premises

Book an appointment for a lifetime consultation at one of our stores. One of our specialized associates will answer all your questions and discuss your problem individually.

Consulting through Cameras

Camera consultation is suitable for those who live far from our stores. One of our specialized associates will answer all your questions and recommend the most suitable Hair Topper exclusively for you.

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